My Journey Creating BoldBodyFit.

I am an observer of people. Everyday I look around and feel a sense of urgency. We live in an era of unfit and unhealthy people. There are too many people who are lost, confused, and don’t know where to begin. Worst of all, I see women who walk with their heads down ashamed of themselves. People with low confidence, and high insecurity. This is not a way to live, and not a way to feel. I become disappointed. I am disappointed because these insecurities are something that can be fixed with the right help and guidance.

I’m sure there are hundreds of health and fitness blogs out there, that can teach anyone what to do, and when to do it. The difference between BoldBodyFit is that I focus on the mental aspect of living a healthy and happy life. My background in psychology, being a college athlete, and dealing with the ups and downs of being an emotional woman inspired me to put together a program that other women can relate to.

I am here to mentor, guide, and inspire, you all. We have many amazing features and products coming soon. I am excited to help you begin your journey with BoldBodyFit!

XoXo Bianca


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